Monday Morning Mind Dump

RUDY added to STORY conference

6 things youth pastor’s worry about.

Everyone should listen to Andy Stanley’s Leadership Podcast.  You can find it on iTunes.  Some of the best leadership advice you will ever hear.

It was interesting to see churches, television, and the media handle the anniversary of 9/11.  I trust most pastors did a good job recognizing the day while still preaching Jesus.  I think the NFL could have done a lot more to honor the day.

Took care of my 6 week old daughter ALL day on Saturday.  It was great!  no issues.

The greatest coach speech ever!

Skit Guys video I am using as part of our student programs this week.  Last night seemed to really connect with our high schoolers.

James MacDonald’s thoughts on preaching.

Pete Wilson’s Biggest Mistake in Ministry.

Sign-up for The Youth Cartel’s Youtube’s You Can Use.

Android apps passing iPhone apps.  Apple’s dominate in the phone world may be over for now.



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