Hanging with Doug

The power of social media is remarkable.

Blog post comment – About a month ago, I offered our facility to Doug Fields to do his east coast leadership conference.  Never really heard anything and thought they were going to just look at large, northeastern cities.  Thursday I got an email that he and a few of his friends were coming to Richmond to check out Swift Creek!  All from one blog comment.

Twitter feed – Doug on Thursday night said he was coming to Richmond and would like to meet up with other youth leaders.  He tweeted on Friday that we were going to Bottom’s Up Pizza at 12:30pm.  Now Friday is the off day for most youth leaders and Bottom’s Up is downtown, you go through multiple tolls to get there, pay for parking, etc.  22 youth leaders came to a last minute meeting ONLY promoted on Doug’s twitter account!

After the lunch, Doug rode with me to see our church.  Great time just hearing about his heart for family, ministry, and youth leaders.  One of the most authentic leaders that I’ve ever met.  He took pictures with every youth leader that wanted to.  He spoke with probably everyone at the table.  We had a great time talking about the potential of having his leadership conference in Richmond.

I spent half a day with one of my favorite authors and speakers because of one blog comment!  We talked about the potential of an amazing leadership conference for students because of one comment.  22 youth leaders had a 2 hour FREE lunch (thanks Youth Specialties) because of 3 or 4 tweets.

I am so thankful for the power of social media.  Simply amazing day because of it.


One thought on “Hanging with Doug

  1. Phillip Herring October 27, 2011 / 11:59 am

    impressive and fun. sounds like the makings of a great day!

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