Thursday Too Busy Links

Normally I just do this once a week, but I’ve got a ton of great links this week.  Plus I have been really busy this past week!

Part of The Avengers Movie was shot with an iPhone

7 Reasons why you will never accomplish anything significant in life – Perry Noble

What is the top social media site for teenagers?  Hint:  Not Facebook

What to do when youth ministry work stress cranks up – Scott Rubin

GREAT advice on naming things – Ben Arment

10 year old pulls gun on lady for threatening to steal his Halloween candy

How to get a job with a small company – Seth Godin

The creation of our Winter Retreat brochure by Original Design

‘Courageous’ and ‘ Fireproof’ are 2 of the most profitable movies in modern history

So…that means Hollywood is going to start making Bible movies on a bigger scale.  Interesting to see how true they keep to the original stories.

True Love isn’t waiting anymore – I had a hard time with the stats.

The terrifying reason you’re so busy


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