America’s Got Talent, But That Only Goes So Far

Last night on the X-Factor results show, a 13 year old boy called Astro started acting like a 13 year old boy!  Why was this a surprise?  Because he is a talented rapper and performer.  He rewrote rap songs so they would be appropriate for his age.  He has the opportunity of a life time and was being mentored by star maker – LA Reid.   Astro was the only rapper to make it this far in the competition.  He would have been my pick to win the entire thing.

But now I don’t think he will make it another week.  He insulted his audience.  He looked like a diva.  He started acting his age.

The lesson for us (and for Astro) is that talent only takes you so far.  Talent won’t make up for a lack of integrity.  Look at all of the talented men that have fallen on Wall Street because of financial issues.  Talent won’t make up for laziness.  Look at the NFL draft – many talented athletes won’t make it because of their work ethic.  Talent won’t make up for attitude.  Talent won’t make up for being a 13 year old spoiled brat.

It was hard to watch the meltdown of a middle school boy in front of thousands of people.  At his age, it’s unfair for so much to be expected of him.  Unfortunately, life isn’t fair.  However, he still has his talent, he just has to be humble enough to learn the lesson.  Talent only goes so far.




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