Funny gift exchange

One of my favorite things to do at Christmas is a White Elephant or Dirty Santa gift exchange.  It is always fun to shop for something that is random, unique, and just goofy.  Some of these would make expensive funny gifts so give them as real ones for Christmas.

Knit Beard Hat Black – This will keep your face warm and looking awesome during those cold nights!

Gun O’Clock shooting alarm clock – Every morning when you wake up you can practice shooting your alarm clock

Swamp People Alligator oven mitt – For use when making some homemade gumbo

Swamp People lamp – If I could have this in my office, I’d be a happy man.

Big bite Gummy Bears – Some people would actually love this one.

Mac & Cheese bandages – Another one for kids

Peanut Butter and Jelly Popcorn – What kid wouldn’t love to have a box of this under the tree this year?

Pajama Jeans – I don’t think they make these in my size

A body Snuggie – Can’t go wrong with Snuggie technology

Rattlesnake coffee mug – This would wake me up every morning.

Silk suitjamas – I never watch the show, but these are classy.

Salmon Jerky – MMMMMMmm good!



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