Christmas Traditions

Getting into the ‘Christmas Spirit’ is different for all of us, but usually involves things like watching ‘Elf’ or ‘White Christmas’, baking cookies, putting up a tree, tacky light tours,  listening to a new Christmas album, etc.  Most of us have those handful of traditions that get us geared up for this time of year.  Those are wonderful things that our families enjoy, but what about the spiritual side to Christmas?  What traditions/changes can we make at this time of year that are meaningful to us individually and to our families.

Change up our devotional reading – offers some great daily devotionals just for Christmas.  I’ve started one that is themed around Christmas Carols.  I enjoy knowing the history behind songs.  You can find that devotional – here.  If you don’t like this one, they have several Christmas daily devotionals.

Giving – No better time than now to give to a charity or church.  As Southern Baptists we place an emphasis on giving to international missions this time of year.  The money given to our Lottie Moon Christmas offering goes 100% to overseas mission work.  No better way to glorify His name this season than to give a gift of spreading His message to the nations.

Serving – Many opportunities to serve at soup kitchens, toy giveaways, shelters, 5k races, Salvation Army, Angel Tree, etc. this season.  A family tradition of seeing lights is fun, but a tradition of serving is life changing for your family.

Church events – From live nativities to plays to concerts – churches in your area have many awesome events and programs to glorify Jesus this time of year.  Check out what other churches are doing this time of year.  You may find an event that your family would love that doesn’t conflict with your regular worship service.





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