God’s Plan is Different

God’s plan is probably different than yours.

He sent a baby to a young teenage girl 400 years after the end of the Old Testament.  That baby would not be raised in a military or royal family, but by a carpenter.  He would only live to be in his mid 30’s and his ministry would only last about 3 years.  He didn’t travel far from home.  He never wrote a book.  He never held a political office.

Not exactly the plan for the messiah that people had expected.

Not the first time God’s plan was different than others:  Abraham, Noah, Jonah, Moses, Joseph, Job, David, and others could give testimony to following a plan that at times made no sense. They experienced victories, disappointments, hurts, challenges, joy, etc. by following Him.

I think we can expect the same in our lives.  I’d love to have a 5 or 10 year plan, but that is tough when following the Lord.  He opens doors that we thought would always be closed opportunities.  He closes doors that we thought would be amazing opportunities.  He brings people into our lives for a season and then they leave.  He gives us victories in areas that we thought weren’t important and losses in areas that we greatly valued.  He changes our values and timelines.  Sometimes He makes us wait forever and others we get quick responses.

Find encouragement this season that when your life is going crazy and things aren’t turning out the way you expected – that is normal for God.  It is part of how He has operated with many others.  When you are waiting this season on the Lord and it takes forever to get an answer find comfort in millions of other believers that have experienced the exact same thing.

His plan is different than ours:  it is much better.


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