The Netflix of Toys

I love creativity.  I love someone that takes an idea and tweaks it to make it better or at least different.  I also love renting and not owning.

So you’d think I would be all about this new renting toys service called Toygaroo.  I REALLY want to like this service, but I’m reluctant to do so.  Here’s why:

1.  Cost – at $25-$52 it seems VERY expensive to me.  For $25 a month I can rent 4 toys!  How expensive are these toys to just buy?  The most popular package is $33 for 6 toys a month.  That just seems high to me.  I see their toy comparison chart, but I don’t know that we will spend what the average family is spending on toys.

2.  Taking toys away from Mercedes – Yes she is going to outgrow them, but I don’t want to pay double the price in renting them than just buying them.  I did laugh at their current promotion of putting 6 toys under the tree for $33.  Yes, but we will be taking those toys back at the end of the month if we discontinue the service!

3.  No Yuck Factor – I am sure that they have really cleaned these toys, but the thought of where those toys have been is tough to overcome.

I do see a lot of good in this service too.  Toys that she doesn’t want anymore or outgrows can be turned in for new toys.  They deliver right to the door so I can stay out of Toys R Us.  They seem to have a good assortment and she may get to have expensive toys that we couldn’t afford to buy.

Still I don’t think we will do this service.  What do you think?


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