Church Christmas Videos

Every year new Christmas videos come out that churches share at all different times of services and celebrations.  Some of these aren’t memorable, but a few have become ones that I like to watch each year.  Here are a few of those:

A Baby Changes Everything – I’ve never shown this to a group, but very powerful.  Combined the Faith Hill song with the scenes from the Nativity Story makes for a moving video.

Camel Falls Into Crowd – I’m still surprised when the camel falls into the pews.  Glad no one was seriously injured because of this accident.

North Point’s iPad Christmas – Creative and fun.

Tis Better To Give – 2011 Skit Guys video.  No one does church drama as well as these guys.

ReTooning the Nativity – I always like using cartoon videos this time of year.  Some good information communicated in a funny way in this video.

All Ye Faithful – Pretty song, video done well.

Digital Story of the Nativity – One of my favorites using technology

He Came to Get Messy – Serious drama this time by the Skit Guys.


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