Monday Morning Mind Dump

A lot of people have asked who did our family pics.  Cheryl Joyce Photography in Richmond, Va did a tremendous job for a solid price.  You can find her information – here.

Tough for many to stay in student ministry for a long period of time.  Here are some keys from a 20 year veteran.

Miami Heat remove all the red from their jerseys – new black and white jersey.  Here are the 8 ugliest uniforms in football.

Pink Bible controversy for the SBC – Tough decision, many won’t understand, PR nightmare with all parties – maybe there was a way to still give money to breast cancer awareness without it being too a supporter of abortion.

The worst thing about worst case scenarios – Jon Acuff

A change of thinking since Steve Jobs’ death.  Maybe a iPad Nano in the future?

Buying a new cell phone – here is some good advice to save money and get a good smartphone.

Pictures of a creepy, bankrupt Disney like theme park in China.  Not nearly as cool as theme parks pics from an abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans.

10 Slang Words Teens Are Using – here

Shopping has made a fierce return this season, but the economy hasn’t.  Some signs you may be borrowing too much money.

Cool retro, novelty candy store here in Richmond.  Thinking of fun ways to use this for our girl’s event in February.

Looking for a last minute, creative gift for a huge sports fan – this site has many options.

Tebow/Skip Bayless video is addictive – this song will be in your head the rest of the day.

Created in 1897 maybe the most famous editorial of all-time – Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.
Christmas Carol devotions from – a great week to do this for your daily time with the Lord.


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