Christmas Memory Makers

Name the top 5 presents you’ve ever received at Christmas?

Name the top 5 memories you have from the Christmas season?

Which was easier?  Which was more meaningful?

It’s interesting we watch all these Christmas movies about how meaningful family is, how we should choose family over work, see families come together over a sacrifice…and yet many of us get so involved in our work that we don’t build those memories.  Those of us in ministry sometimes the Christmas season can be the busiest and we give other families more attention than our own.

I’m a big believer in investing in memory making events and experiences for our family.  I’d spend money and time on something that I think we will remember forever than a piece of technology that will be outdated by Easter.  Nothing wrong with tech stuff, but memories last so much longer.

This past Friday we went to Washington DC to see the lights and watch an NBA game.  Haven’t been to see the National Christmas Tree in a few years.  I talk about it every year, but never get around to it.  It cost alot of time and energy to get a 4 month old through the subway system of DC.  Changing trains was very tough.  We got a great deal on the NBA game, but it was a fairly expensive day out for us. But the pictures, videos, stories, and time together was worth making it happen.

I think its worth the effort for your family.

You have just a few days, but there is still time to…

Do a tacky lights tour and get some hot chocolate..

Go to a live Nativity at the church or a zoo…

Serve a meal on Christmas Eve or day to families in need…

Go do that fun thing in your city that you talk about, but never have the time to do.

Less than a week left.  Seize the moment.  Make a life long family memory.

Ideas??  The internet is full of them, just have to search.


One thought on “Christmas Memory Makers

  1. Jennifer Rolen December 22, 2011 / 2:11 am

    Top five memories at christmas time
    1. It snowed one christmas eve when I was little and at my grandparents, my uncle spontaniously got my cousins and I up at 1am to go sledding.
    2. Driving around when I was little with my cousins looking at christmas lights and singing christmas carols
    3. Seeing the Grinch that Stole Christmas on Broadway
    4. Visiting the tree at the Rockefellar Center in New York City
    5. Getting snowed in at the Opry Hotel in Washington DC ( Snowmageden of 2009)
    6. Taking Mercedes to DC to see the National Christmas Tree and seeing an NBA game.

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