Christmas Tradition for Non-Traditionalist

If there is one time a year that traditionalist and non-traditionalist can come together it has to be Christmas!  It is a time where non-traditionalist love tradition.  Let’s face it, the best Christmas songs are the old ones.  A new, good Christmas song is a rarity.  This list of the top 100 contemporary Christmas songs proves that we don’t have many good ones considering that 9 of the top 10 are pre-1975!  The same could be said for holiday movies.  This list of the top 100 Christmas movies again shows that the contemporary ones are no match for the classics.

The best traditions are with each family.  That meal that you eat every year.  That movies that once you watch it you feel like Christmas has begun.  That board game that you play with your family on Christmas Eve.  That place you eat at every Christmas at 11am (that would be my tradition).

As Jennifer, Mercedes, and I began these traditions with our family, I’d like to hear about your family’s tradition.  What do you eat?  Where do you go?  What do you do with your family that is fun?  What makes it Christmas for you?


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