Resolution Motivation: – The Dream

If I asked you the most motivational movie of all-time and you didn’t say Rocky 1, 2, 3, or 4, I’m not sure I could trust your opinion on anything else.

Rocky is motivation.  It is the story of a beaten down, old(ish) boxer who gets an unbelievable break.  He gets to fight for the heavyweight championship of the world.  His motivation is what COULD be.  What his DREAM is.

As we look at our resolutions on January 9th it could be that we need the motivation of what COULD be.

You COULD run a marathon!  You COULD be debt free!  You COULD be a millionaire!  You COULD start your own business!  You COULD have a great marriage!  You COULD develop an amazing ministry!

or things COULD stay the same.

It is your dream.  It is your vision.  God may have put it in your heart.  Probably no one else believes you can do it.  Do you think the family members of the Biggest Loser contestants serious believe that they will run a marathon at the end of the show? Do you think the contestants themselves really believe it?

With whatever goal you have – dream big!  Think about what life would be like if only you could achieve ___________.  How awesome would life be if in 2012 I achieved this ____________.

Write that dream down on paper or own your computer.  Think about it every day.  Allow that image to motivate you through today.  Allow it to get you through the tough days.

Rocky had a dream of being the champ.  Very few, if any, really believed he could do it.  That dream made him train like most won’t.  That dream made him invest hours in a gym.

What will your dream motivate you to do?


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