Resolution Motivation – How Things HAVE to Be

So we are over 2 weeks into a new year – How’s that resolution treating you?

Many resolutions come down to motivation.  I wrote earlier about the motivation to live out a dream.  Many are motivated by what could be.  How life could be different.

Today is about how things HAVE to be.  I will use 2 fight scenes to make this point.

One is from my 3rd favorite movie of all time – Cinderella Man.  It is the true story of former heavyweight champion JJ Braddock.  Similar to Rocky, Braddock was a boxer that wasn’t great, but good.  He fought a few injuries and just never did much early on in his career.  He hits the twilight of his career at almost the same time the Great Depression hits.  He and his family lose everything.  Like most guys in those days, he looks for work anywhere he can find it.  The only way his family survives is that he works the docks.  He gets an offer to fight again for one time in a match he was guaranteed to lose.  Of course he wins and goes on a huge winning streak.

One of my favorite parts of the film is when Braddock is being interviewed before the heavyweight championship fight about what changed to make him successful.  He says I remembered what I was fighting for.  What was he fighting for?  He says, ‘milk’.  He was fighting so his kids wouldn’t starve.  Winning because he has no other choice.

Same story in the recent movie, Warrior.  A man is told the bank is going to repossess his house.  He goes back into UFC fighting to win a 5 million dollar tournament to save his home.  He is getting beat badly in one of the final bouts against the favorite.  Before the start of the 3rd round his trainer looked at him and said, ‘if you don’t knock him out, they are taking your house”. You can probably figure out what he does!

Both men motivated by what HAS to be for their family to survive.

You HAVE to change the way you spend money or go bankrupt.

You HAVE to lose weight or die.

You HAVE to spend more time with your kids or they are going to resent you.

You HAVE to work a job you don’t want to right now for your kids to eat.

Unfortunately, life isn’t like the movies.  We don’t always win.  Many times the doctor or banker tells us to make changes and we don’t listen.  We lose.

What are you going to do?


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