A Misconception about Student Pastors

I was listening to a ESPN radio show this past week.  The topic was on assistant coaches moving to take the same position at another school.  One guy said, something like don’t you think this guy might be happy making a smaller amount of money and just coaching defensive backs?  The other guy said absolutely not, all of these guys want to be head coaches.

That is the way the world works.  People are climbing a career ladder hoping to get to the top and finally be in charge.

For many student pastors, it’s not that way.  We (me included) have no desire to be a senior pastor.  It’s not because we can’t be or because we are unqualified.  God has led us to invest in the next generation and most of us see that as a higher calling than climbing a ladder to be the next senior pastor.

Why is that a good thing for churches?

More experienced, seasoned student pastors is BETTER than a 20 year old college student.  Better messages, vision, trips, parent ministry, etc.  My teaching to students has become much better over the past decade.

Students are hopefully getting deeper teaching than a new student pastor.

Parents should feel good about sending their child to camp or mission trip with a seasoned student pastor.

Student ministry has become less about games, Christian concerts, and pizza and more about life change.  That only comes with experience.

Just like the NFL should be excited to get that 60 year old wide receivers coach that has coached WR’s for 30 years, the church should be thankful that some student pastors stick with student ministry for many years.


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