Graphic Design & Student Ministry

I am a big believer that how things look matter in 2012 especially for student ministry.  Graphic design software and abilities have never been easier and more affordable to find.  Chances are there is a college student in your church that could make a newsletter look like a professional company did it.  In fact, it might be the start of a career for him.

I never understand why most church bulletins and newsletters look like they are from 1963!  What’s worse is that student ministry stuff sometimes looks like it was from that time period as well.  I remember years ago looking at camp brochures from megachurches thinking how come those that could do better don’t.

Below is a few new designs for different things here at the church.  I use Original Design Memphis for all of our graphic design needs.  Original Design understands the church world – especially student ministry- is affordable and does a great job.

Philadelphia Mission Camp_v2[2]



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