Stop – Wasting Time

Youth pastors have to do a lot of things.  Think of the careers that cross paths with student ministry.  Here is a quick list:

Graphic Design.  Video editor.  Culture expert.  Bible teacher.  Lawyer.  Counselor.  Writer.  Comedian.  First Aid.  Musician.  Computer nerd.  Travel agent.

You aren’t going to be good at all of those things.  You won’t even be strong in most of those areas.  Stop wasting your time trying.

Use bluefish, Skit Guys, YouTube, etc. for already made videos.

Email other churches to get some policy and procedure legal advice.

Talk to a local travel agent to get the best deal going for your mission trip.

Have a college student do your graphic design.

Buy curriculum instead of writing it yourself.

Let a student or lay leader do your worship music.

There are too many things that people expect you to be good at in student ministry.  Delegate some, eliminate some, do your best with others, and focus your time on what is most important.  What is most important?  People.  Invest that time in your family.  Invest some of it in students and leaders.


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