Who I Listen To?

One of my gifts/talents is knowing and listening to a lot of different speakers/preachers/pastors.  That may seem like a weird talent, but I’ve had multiple conferences, Christian cruises, churches, youth pastors, etc. call me to ask my opinion on speakers.  I know alot of guys and I have an idea the audience and format where they can be most successful.

So, who do I like to listen to?  If there was a Mount Rushmore of current speakers, it would have these 3 incredible in demand faces on it:

Louie Giglio – Almost everytime I listen to Louie I think that was an incredible message.  His dramatic way of bringing to light scripture is dynamic.  He is the type of preacher that when he speaks it makes me feel that the Holy Spirit is near and working.

Andy Stanley– I remember Andy speaking at a youth pastor’s conference on power a few years ago.  He asked, “What do you do when you are the most powerful person in the room? You leverage the power for the good of everyone in the room.”  That was year’s ago and I still remember his point.  I can’t remember the bands or other speaker’s names, but I can remember Andy’s main message point.  He is so simple that sometimes I hear is point and think “wait, didn’t I already think that!”.  I do learn a lot from listening to his messages.

Francis Chan – I’ve heard Francis do extremely well and I’ve heard him bomb.  When he speaks it is like he is learning this stuff for the first time and has to share it with you.  He always seems to have a fresh word from the Lord.

Other guys that I like to listen to in my own study:

Tommy Nelson – My favorite Bible teacher.  Gives incredible depth and insight to the Word.

Voddie Baucham – Proof that I don’t agree with everyone that I listen to!  He is a scholar and passionate preacher.

David Platt – I listened to Platt before he was a big star!  I had heard of him before he was ever pastor at Brook Hills.  Great authentic heart for the world.

Matt Chandler – A cancer survivor.  Young, wonderful teacher of God’s word.

There are a few others and many, many more that I recommend for various events.  These are just the guys that I personally enjoy listening to when I need something uplifting.  I encourage you to find a few preachers/speakers/pastors that you can listen to for preaching help as well as encouragement.




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