Help for Hurting People

I’ve been burdened for people going through deep hurts a lot lately.  Lots of people dealing with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc. looking for help from Christian community and church.  I’m afraid many churches misunderstand and mishandle dealing with these issues.  It can be tough for believers to find the help and understanding necessary to make it through a major problem.

As I was listening to a message today, I thought providing a few links on here might offer some help and encouragement:

Depression – Great pastor Tommy Nelson speaks openly about his struggle with clinical depression.

Panic Attacks – Worship leader Carlos Whittaker talks about taking medication to deal with anxiety disorder.

Books for what do do when your teenager has these issues – eating disorder, questions sexuality, victims of abuse, bullying, deal with death, and contemplate suicide.  We’ve ordered a few of these for the church library and I keep some in my office.

Cutting – This is a book written by a youth ministry professor from Canada.  Lots of good information for parents and youth leaders trying to help students overcome this issue.

When dealing with any of these, you need to first start by talking with your doctor about the symptoms and problems you are having.


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