Tyranny of the Urgent Gospel

The most urgent ‘thing’ on my agenda today should be sharing the gospel.

It should be at the top of the list.  If it’s not at the top, it’s probably not on the list.

Many blogs, tweets, and Facebook post have been written about Whitney Houston’s death this past weekend.  This news has caused us to see the dark side of being a celebrity, the reality of drugs, and to celebrate an incredible talent.  Her death was so tragic that it motivated the Grammy Awards to have LL Cool J open with a prayer.

Dying young should serve as a reminder that we don’t control the calendar.  Life goes by quicker than any of us want.  That invitation we give could be someone’s last opportunity even at 48 years of age.

We sometimes forget the gospel carries with it urgency.  Our time on earth is limited, but hell is forever. Because of that, nothing on my to do list carries with it more urgency that sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Who do you need to share with today?


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