Girl’s Ministry Event – Life-Sized Candy Land

This past weekend we had our February girl’s ministry event.  We’ve done spa nights, competition nights, movie nights, etc.  We are always looking for something creative.  An event with a wow factor or ‘I can’t get this anywhere else’ when doing stuff for students.  Thus the life sized Candy Land game!

The idea came primarily from my assistant, Kay.  She had met people at her husband’s work Christmas party that owned a new candy store in Glen Allen, VA that did a big candy land game.  What they do is really a big tournament of candy land games, but it got Kay thinking about the possibility of creating a life sized candy land.  She started researching on Google and found that many other people had already created this.  She took some of their research and began the journey to create Candy Land.

So How To Create Candy Land:

1.  Buy A LOT of those foam, interlocking mats that are used in preschool rooms.  This is the most expensive part of the game.  Your children’s ministry or church members may have some that you can borrow for the event.

2.  Create the pieces of the game with cardboard and paint.  First, Google life sized candy land or something like that.  You will see that this idea isn’t original with us and there are all kinds of different ways to create the board.  Most churches have a team of people that build some sort of VBS backdrop and do stuff like this for that event.  I would say that we had 7 ladies or so invest many hours in putting this together.  We bought the cardboard and paint and had a wonderful church member create the amazing pieces that you see pictured above.  She did an amazing job!  In fact, when you compare them to the ones on Google, it is even more amazing.  These pieces were traced out with a overhead, painted, and then used a nice boxcutter to cut them out.

3.  We ordered candy from Sweet Spot candy shop.  Our team created a candy buffet of chocolates and gummies.  You could just buy candy from Wal-Mart if there is no specialty store in your area.  We did not provide any dinner so the students needed to eat a real meal before they came.  We did provide sodas and water.

4.  We had several candy games other than Candy Land.  We did candy jewelry making with gummies, twizzlers, and more.  We had cupcake decorating, candy improv skits, a would you rather game with gross candies, etc.  We thought 2.5 hours of Candy Land with this many teens needed a few more options.  If you did this during the summer, you could have a chocolate slip n slide outside and different options.

5.  I created a background CD with old commercial candy jingles.  I found a few songs about gummy bears on iTunes.

6.  My wife led a bible study on how sweet scripture is.  She used the verse out of Psalms that talks about scripture being sweeter than honey.

7.  We charged $10 for the event which covered the candy.  The rest of the event we took out of the student ministry budget.

8.  The event was separated into Middle School and High School nights.  We did 6:30p-9pm on back to back nights.  This made for two smaller groups which meant students could go through the game more times.

I think all of the girls had a great time.  I know that we had several visitors and the event was great at helping students strengthen relationships.  We heard lots of ‘wow this is awesome’ and ‘I thought this would be lame, but its really cool’ from students.  Candy Land was a unique, fun event that could be used for outreach or inreach.  It could be used for any age group and also for baby showers and wedding showers.


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