What God Ask Me To Do Vs. What I’ve Done

Wayne Cordeiro – Pastor of New Hope in Hawaii, made an interesting statement at the Elephant Room 2.  He says a lot of really good things in this clip, but the one statement that stuck with me is “God isn’t going to judge you by what you’ve done, but by what He has asked you to do”.

That got me thinking….

1.  What has God asked me to do that is clear in scripture?

2.  What has God asked me to do that is clear from my praying?

3.  What has God asked me to do that is clear from receiving wise council from a mature believer?

4.  What am I doing that is good, but He didn’t ask me to do this through scripture, prayer, or wise council?

We love busyness.  Its a high priority in American culture to be constantly busy.  Most of us are good at multitasking and capable of doing many things.  The problem with that is it leads to burn-out, depression, anxiety, mental exhaustion, and it effects what God has called you to do.  I would hate for health issues caused by my agreeing to do too much to wreck what God has asked me to do.

Now with any calling or job there are things that you don’t enjoy.  Paperwork, bill paying, hospital visits, etc., but they are part of what God has asked you to do.  Don’t think you should just quit because there is a part of the job or calling that you don’t find fulfilling of that call.  Also, we can’t just drop our responsibilities, but we can make a plan to alleviate some of them.

Answer the 4 questions at the top honestly.  Spend time thinking and praying over your responsibilities, calling, capabilities, etc.  Let’s spend the time doing what God has asked us to do and not what we are expected or capable of doing!




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