Paper Is Killing Your Creativity

I am going to try to process and unpack a few things that I learned from SYMC in Louisville this past weekend.

One of the first things that stands out to me is that paper is killing my ideas.

Jon Acuff – author and Dave Ramsey employee – said that he had stacks of Moleskin notebooks filled with creative ideas.  However, when he wants to access those ideas, he cannot remember which notebook the ideas was writing in.  Even if he could come up with the correct notebook, he would never be able to find that one idea in the thousands of ideas on hundreds of pages.

You shouldn’t write down your ideas.

You should type them into a computer with a search engine.  A platform like Evernote can be used on mobile devices, iPad, Apple, PC, etc.  Evernote has a search engine that can find your idea within the thousands of notes and thoughts that you’ve had over the past weeks.  Evernote is really easy to use and there are a ton of blogs and videos out there to teach you all the ‘bells and whistles’ of the program.  Plus Evernote is FREE!

If I write an idea of a message into a notebook, I will never be able to find it.  The idea is dead.  If I type it into Evernote and can remember ANY word that I typed in that note, I can access it.  The idea is there and ready to be used.

Be creative.

Stop writing your ideas down and start typing them into a program that will allow easy access to them.



3 thoughts on “Paper Is Killing Your Creativity

  1. wendy h March 7, 2012 / 3:55 pm

    can you scan in things already collected into evernote? That would work well for me with lesson ideas I have collected.

  2. Bill March 7, 2012 / 8:31 pm

    Awesome post brother! I’ve printed out hard copies and am handing them out to our staff right now for them to keep!

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