Facebook Hacks & Our Own Insecurity

Have you ever been hacked on Twitter or Facebook?  Do you know how that happened?  Here is a little Social Media hacking history –

– There was a time months or years ago when you got a message that promised something that made you curious.  Look at this spider underneath this person’s arm.  This preyed on your own curiousity, but didn’t last long because we finally figured out that couldn’t happen.

– There was a time months or years ago when you got a message that promised something sexual, maybe a picture of someone.  This spam preyed on our sexual desires.  Eventually, people figured it out and spammers moved on to the next idea.

– Currently, we get messages that say something like, “I can’t believe you are in this picture!” or “Check out this video of you!”.  These messages prey on our insecurity.  Our belief that there could be a video out there of us that is embarrassing.  We click on the message and it takes us to a fake Facebook log-in page and we give the spammer our information.

We can learn a lot from each season of spam about ourselves.  These people are preying on our sin nature.  They know our weaknesses and once we figured out that particular scheme out, they move on to the next one.

– Stop clicking on these links that are labeled in this way.

– If you click on something and it takes you to a log-in page, don’t put your information into it.

– If you do get hacked, change your password and let your social media community know about the hack.

Stop believing there is a hidden video, picture, or audio recording of you out there on the internet that you are unaware of.  If there was, someone’s not going to tell you over Facebook!


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