Learning From Peyton Manning

In 1997, Peyton Manning was a junior in college making one of the biggest decisions of his life.  If he skipped his senior year, he would become the number one pick in the draft and be the next quarterback of the Jets.  He would be an instant millionaire, live in NYC, and be coached by a legend, Bill Parcells.  If he came back, he would have a shot at a national title, be the favorite for the Heisman, and risk everything to injury!  There was a lot of anticipation for this decision, but I don’t know why.  It seemed like a no-brainer to me.  Go for the money, fame, coaching legend, NYC, etc.  The Vols had several guys leave earlier that weren’t nearly as good as Peyton.  However, Peyton Manning decided to stay for his senior year.

No money.  No NYC.  No coaching legend.

Yesterday, he shocked a lot of people again.  He picked maybe the worst situation available to him.  Cold climate with altitude.  No dome or sunny Miami weather.  The team crawled to 8-8 a year ago, not 14-2 like the 49ers.  Dealing with replacing Tebowmania, not putting Hasselback out of his misery.  Not the best chance at a Super Bowl ring.  Probably the toughest road back to recovery for him of the 3 teams he considered.

Again, hours upon hours of ESPN and NFL network guys trying to make sense of this.  From what I saw, they were struggling to understand even as former players.

There is one lesson that stands out to me here.  Everyone has different values.

Many take the job with the most money (all of them).  Some take the job with the most secure future (Titans).  Some take the job with the best chance to win (49ers).  A few take the job with the best location (Miami).

Peyton took the job with the people he connected with the most, gave him the most control of the offense, and allowed him not to play Eli until the Super Bowl.  He valued those things more than the media thought he did.

What do you value that others don’t?  Do you stick to that value despite pressure to change?  How has this effected your ministry, family, and job?





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