The Rules of A Makeable Movie

Movies are basically 2 hours long.  No 4 hour movies allowed.

Movies have to have a love story.  You want to make a war movie?  That’s great, but lets write in a love story within that war movie.

Movies resolve by the end.  The main plot has to be finished unless you leave a small window open hinting to a sequel.

The hero wins.  Always.  A director once turned down ‘Karate Kid’ because he wanted the main character to lose the final karate match.  That seems crazy, but his point was the message in the film is it doesn’t matter if you win or lose.  They decided that it really does matter in the movie. Even Rocky didn’t lose at the end of the first one.

These rules and many others are the boundaries that Hollywood has developed to make successful movies.  It seems odd that one of our most creative industries has many boundaries that seemingly boxes in their creativity.  Also some really successful, creative movies break a rule or two of these.

What rules and/or boundaries do we assume for our ministries and churches?  Church has to happen between the hours of 8am-Noon on Sunday morning.  We have to set in rows.  We have X amount of songs.  Preaching can only last this long.  We have to meet every single week.  Youth group has to happen a certain way.

I could probably name off a 100 plus boundaries that we assume are necessary.

Obviously, scripture has set many boundaries that we should abide by.  However, it’s probably not as many as you think.  I’m also not saying that any of these rules and boundaries are wrong.

So what’s the point?  We have rules/boundaries that we assume make our churches more effective just like Hollywood has to make their movies more profitable.  We should know what boundaries we have, why we have them, and evaluate their effectiveness.

Because we could be wrong.  Hollywood is all of the time!





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