Monday Morning Mind Dump

Average price of prom $1078!!  – You could do a lot of different cool experience for 1K in high school, not sure prom would make the top 10.  Thx to Brian Housman for the story.

Walt Mueller giving some good advice on boundaries with students in a digital age.

How much money could you make off that unused advertizing space on your face???  These guys made over $50,000 in 180 days so far!

What are the trends in college cost?  Avg. private college cost is $32K per year!  That’s important because student loans just went over a trillion dollars and some believe it will be the next bubble to burst.

1 in 5 adults do NOT use the internet.  Wow.

Hoping to listen to some of the messages from the Together for the Gospel Conference.  All are now online in video and audio formats.

Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social media site behind only Facebook and Twitter


Pray for Ed Newton.  He is living every runner’s dream and running the Boston Marathon today.  We are excited to have him here this weekend for our DNOW.




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