Fathers Day Gift Ideas

How sweet would it be to have the Keep Calm & Carry On sticker on your office wall?  It would be awesome!

Troy Landry’s bobblehead.  A bit pricey, but it’s merch from Swamp People.  For 10 bucks this might be a better deal.  What guy wouldn’t love that on his desk??

An Old Man bobblehead would be great for his office.

$20 is a whole lot for a trucker’s hat, but not this one.  Could get a cheaper poster or a mug instead.  Can’t go wrong with Duck Dynasty…EVER.

Your dad is probably not going to spend $80 on a Billy The Exterminator bobblehead set, but I bet he wants it.  Time to splurge on this one.

Get dad ready for the London Olympics with some shirts.  Even better a mini olympic torch!

Dad a little older and like to watch the Tonight Show…here is a great Jay Leno bobblehead.

Wish your dad or husband used coasters – here are some with actual dirt from Nationals Park in DC.  He might rather have a Bryce Harper lego guy or Steve Strasberg bobblehead though.

Can’t go wrong with some new Tim Tebow merc.

Dad an investor?  One stock of Krispy Kreme is a great man gift.

Is he a fan of bacon and camo?  Waffle House has both.






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