Summer Calendar 2012

This is our Summer Calendar for 2012!  With this being the year of the super hero in movies, we thought it would be fun to theme the calendar around super heroes.  One of our goals each summer is to offer deeply impacted Bible studies, camps, and mission trips.  We also wanted to offer fun, affordable events that encourage our students to interact with each other.  I feel that our staff has done a great job in all of those areas.

Almost everything we are doing this summer; we have never done before.  Summer is a wonderful time to be creative and experience new things.  Because of the new events, I would like to give a brief explanation of each one.

 The Storyteller – This is a church wide worship service on Sunday nights.  Each pastor will speak on a different parable of Jesus.  The services will be in the Fellowship Hall, around tables, and will be family friendly.  Childcare will be provided for children 4 and under.

Munch On Mondays – Daniel Bass, our summer intern and I will pick a place near the church to meet with students for lunch on Mondays.  We will advertise it at church on Sunday and through Facebook.  Please note that we will not have this event the week of camps.

PuttPutt Golf Tournament – We will be meeting at the Putt-Putt Fun Center on Midlothian Turnpike from 9am-noon.  For $10, students will get unlimited putt-putt, go karts, bumper boats, and 10 arcade game tokens.  We will be doing a Putt Putt tournament with different divisions for guys, girls, middle school, and high school.

Family Day at Rockwood Park – We will be partnering with the Children’s Ministry for a fun day at the park.  There will be a cook out and families can drop by to play games, eat, and hang out for a while anytime between 3pm-8pm.

Pinterest Party – This is a girl’s only Bible study and craft time led by Jennifer Rolen.

Wednesday Worship Student Theme Nights:                 

Thrift Store Fashion Show – Dress up in your favorite thrift store gear.  We will have prizes for best dressed, funniest dressed, etc.  We will have games involving stuff that we found at a thrift store.

Instagram Photo Scavenger Hunt – We will be doing a photo scavenger hunt in groups on campus at Swift Creek Baptist Church.  No need to have the Instagram app on your phone, we should have enough phones with that app.  We will have a Worship Service after the game time.

Duct Tape Games – No need for much explanation here.  We will be doing games with duct tape before the Worship Service and Bible study.

Super Hero Night – Come dressed as your favorite super hero.  We will have games and a Bible study on being a hero.


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