Monday Morning Mind Dump

Just started taking 5 or 6 students through this book on being called to ministry.  Hoping that God uses this book and summer class to give clarity on call to ministry.

David Platt’s response to the ‘sinner’s prayer’ controversy in the SBC.  Part 1 & Part 2  hopefully this will help to clear up his concerns and bring unity.

A woman TASERED because of her unruly tambourine playing at at CHURCH in OKC!  I’ve seen many disruptions in worship services, but never seen someone tased for it.

Daredevil stunts are apparently ‘in’.  This Hot Wheels stunt at the X-Games is amazing.

If you had to just a few moments to grab something out of your home before it burned down -what would it be?  Families in Colorado are dealing with that question now.

Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling

Weird, artsy, Christian popsicle story.  When I saw these online I thought it was like a testamint deal.  Very odd way to protest religious belief.


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