Out of Control


My daughter is an escape artist at the age of 21 months.  She has been nicknamed “Houdini” by a local daycare.  Whatever area they put her in, she escapes. We have seen this at home as she has no fear of climbing things, great balance, and is flexible.  Jennifer believes she will become a gymnast, I am hoping she becomes a ninja.

Her abilities have brought us to the point of making a big life change.  This past week she climbed out of her crib without any assistance from furniture or stuffed animals.  She has learned the art of momentum and is using it to escape her crib.  Whenever you have a big life change like this, you get approximately 1.3 million opinions on what your next steps should be.  Lots of wisdom and experience in those, but also lots of contradiction.   After talking with her doctor and considering a variety of options, we put Mercedes in her toddler bed.

There are several moments where I am reminded that I am not in control of things, but this seems different.  This involves my daughter.  We made the room as baby safe as possible, but Mercedes has a knack for finding the one thing we missed.  This is the 1st real step of freedom that I can identify Mercedes having in her young life.  She can get up and play without anyone even knowing.  She can sleep in the floor (which she does sometimes) and we have no idea.

Like all steps of freedom in a person’s life, this is tougher on the parents than Mercedes.  I’m sorta sure she will be fine and I’m completely sure this is the right step for her.  I don’t have 10 steps to understanding God is in control – because that would just be my way of trying to at least get some control back from Him.  These moments are just a reminder that as we face an uncertain future of tough decision, the Lord is in control of all things.


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