Life Philosophy of 10k Races

For the past several years, I have been involved in doing at least one race a year.  You can probably figure out that I am not built for very many 10k’s.  A few things go through my mind when picking out a race:

– Will thousands and thousands of people be involved?  I did a 5k in Tennessee several years ago with about 80 people.  I finished 77th in front of 2 grandparents and their grandchild.  If you are as slow as me, you need several thousand people knowing you might outrun at least 15.

– How cool is the t-shirt?  If a race doesn’t offer me a shirt, then it is a no for me.  I really want something that is super unique.  Tech shirts are always a plus

– What is in the gift bag?  This is more of Jennifer’s prerequisite than mine, but it is important to have an awesome gift bag.

– Can I walk?  I would say most races allow folks to walk.  However, it is tough to find a race that many people are walking and not running.

– Are last year’s results posted?  I look to see what the time was of the person that finished last and wonder if I could outrun them.  I know that is sad, but I don’t like finishing last.  10th from last, I’m okay with.

So I signed up for one of my favorite 10k races in the area last night.  Go Discover Richmond is one of my favorite events in RVA.  It fits almost all of my criteria (no results list).  Go Discover is a different race because it is the only non-running 10k that I know of.  It is a non-competitive walk through an area of downtown Richmond.  You get to see a lot of places that most of us never take the time to explore.  You get the exercise without the pressure to have a PR time or beat the person in front of you.  Jennifer and I love this race and is one that we do every year.  All ages and abilities should be able to finish it.  Plus they have a shorter trace if 6.2 miles is too long.  Sign up ends May 2nd!!Image


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