Rare Minutes


Yesterday for mother’s day we went to our favorite steakhouse – Longhorn.  Of course, there was a 45 minute wait to be seated for lunch, although the people behind us were told 2 hours for their family!  

Everything was okay – service, environment, bread, salads – nothing was special.  However the steaks were amazing.    Both of us got similar cuts of meat – mine always a lot more rare than Jennifer’s steak.   The 45 minute wait, average service, loud restaurant was all good because they got what was most important done with excellence.

What is our most excellent moment in student programming?

It is nice to have really good youth space.

It is great to have a band.

Relationships are a huge deal. 

But all of that should just compliment what is most important – the word of God.  Our focus and preparation should be on developing a lesson that allows the truth of God to be understood by our students. 

Now students are probably not coming for your lesson (if they are that is great!).  However, that doesn’t diminish that teaching time from being the most important part of our programming.  We are teaching eternal, life changing truth to them.  For many this may be the only time they hear the word of God this week. We should take this way more seriously than the chief that is working hard to make my medium rare steak.

How?  I’m going to write some ideas on creating great Bible lessons in the next few days.  For now, spend time in prayer about developing your lesson. 


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