The Church People Use To Go To


I am not a huge ice cream fan, but if I’m going to eat ice cream – I want Blue Bell.  Blue Bell is far and away the best icream I’ve ever had.  My family loves Blue Bell ice cream.  In the past few years if I talked about Blue Bell people instantly agreed that it was the best ice cream.  People love Blue Bell ice cream.

Today Blue Bell laid off 1/3 of their work force.  Why?  Because it made some major mistakes by producing ice cream with listeria.  At least 3 people died from eating their ice cream.  The ice cream has been pulled from the shelves of local markets and honestly I can’t imagine eating it again.  It is the ice cream that we use to eat.

What can churches learn from this?

No matter how big, awesome, cool, fantastic, unique, creative, your ministry/church is you are only one mistake, cover up, sin away from destruction.  Just a mistake away from being the church that use to be effective.  That people use to go to

That sounds over the top, but it’s true.  If you don’t believe me, just ask around in your denomonation.  I bet you can find a story or three about churches that were once doing well that had something happen and now they are the church that people use to attend.  I know many churches that have filed bankruptcy or merged with other churches to avoid bankruptcy in the past few years.

How do you prevent being the church people use to go to?

Pray.  Evaluate.  Repent.  Change.

Pray – God guide our ministry.  Please protect us.

Evaluate – Where are we most vulnerable for a spiritual attack?  What are we not doing to protect kids?  What are we not doing to protect our staff?

Repent – We’ve made mistakes and we are turning from these mistakes.

Change – Get background checks.  Put policy into place. Stop covering up sins and report what needs to be reported.

Repeat this process often.  It may be difficult for some to take, but necessary to not be the next Blue Bell.


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