McDonald’s Office


Do you ever notice that most Instagrammed quiet times look the same?  There is usually a bible, journal, and a cup of coffee.  It might come from with a beautiful sunset, mountain view, or from your local Starbucks.

These photos never come from McDonalds.

However, I’ve found McDonalds to be the best place to study and work from.  Why?

Dollar menu – If I’m using someones’ wifi and tables I feel the need to buy something.  McDonalds has a $1 large soft drink/tea.  This is perfect for spending time studying and not having to spend alot of money on food.  They also have several items for one buck.

WiFi – I have read that McDonalds wifi is only second to Starbucks.  I have no idea if that is correct, but I know it works well enough for me.

Plug-ins – Each booth at my local McDonalds has a plug-in for a computer cord.  I spent one afternoon at another restaurant and could only find one plug-in in the entire dining room!  I worked until my computer died, but at McDonalds I can plug my computer in with no problem.

Few competitors – At Starbucks I’ve seen people set up an entire office on the tables!  It is almost impossible to get a good spot to work from at a local coffee shop.  Very few people are working from McDonalds.  It is maybe the least cool place to work from.  So the wifi is great, the noise isn’t bad, and I’ve got plenty of space to work.

I realize that the food is bad for you.  That is why I don’t eat very much of it.  That venti at Starbucks is also got about a million grams of sugar too.  Most places you go have a lot of really bad options for food.  At least McDonalds is cheap!

If you are looking for a place to study, ready, write, blog, etc. try your local McDonalds.  I’m Lovin It!



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