Celebrating Mom, Dad, Veterans, and More


Mother’s Day was just a couple of week’s ago.  Companies, churches, and restaurants all want to show some honor to mamas everywhere.  However, most are failing at really honor Mom.

I noticed then when I read all of the freebies in Atlanta to my wife.  I told her that she could get in FREE at a number of places.  She was not excited.  Truthfully, none of the places with freebies were places that moms really want to go.  Going to those places wouldn’t honor her and maybe even cheapen the day.

Like the picture that I have at the beginning of this post.  The Tampa Bay Rays baseball team wanted to give a nice gift to mom to encourage her to come out to the game.  Free tickets? Nope.  Free spa treatment? No. How about a free flower pot in team colors with a sponsor logo. YES!!  I doubt many moms were thrilled.

Without giving examples let’s just say that churches are just as bad as these companies.

How can churches honor moms on Mother’s Day, dads on Father’s Day, veterans on Memorial Day, etc?

Teach and encourage people to practically love these special people.

Led by Example

– You know how many days off a church gave me when my daughter was born? Zero.  I had saved up vacation time knowing that the church might not let me have paid time off for our baby.  Unfortunately, I was right.  i was actually told if I went beyond my vacation time my time off would be unpaid.  Now I realize many companies don’t allow paid time off for new babies, but the church is the top advocate for the family in the world.  You want to show people how to honor folks – do things they aren’t doing.  Encourage businesses in your community to do the same.  How you treat your staff speaks volumes to your core church members.

– Provide FREE childcare on Mother’s Day weekend for dad to take her out on a date.  The people that provide this childcare – pay them!

– Help mom get her kids in from the car to the children’s area at the church.  Don’t make her get 3 kids in by herself.

– Take a few veterans out for coffee several months before Memorial Day weekend.  Ask him vets would like to be honored.  Write down these ideas and share them with some creative people.

– Preach the most encouraging, funny, shortest sermon you have on Father’s Day.  Men dread this day because pastors sometimes use it to beat up on dad.  Do the opposite.

– Provide some tips in the bulletin the week before on how to love your mom, dad, veteran, etc.  Be creative with this.

– Protect these weekends.  Cancel your Sunday night service on these weekends.   Don’t let summer camp be over Father’s Day.  That just communicates that nobody really cares.  You’d never put an event over Mother’s Day!

There is no wrong or right way to honor special people.  Just do things that show you love them!






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