Monday Morning Mania

Here are a few things I’ve read lately:

Death to the Church Green Room – Love the heart and thought here.  We might need a backstage area to prepare, but not as a hideaway for the talent.

What Church Roles Should We Prioritze – Are we just hiring positions because we’ve always had those?  Is it possible to review and evaluate this in the established church?  A tough road for sure, but could make a huge difference.

Isn’t It Time We Talked About Mental Health – The church is WAY behind culture in this area.  If we want to minister to people, we need to think about how we deal with mental health issues.

The Church’s Dirty Little Secret – Church leaders should read this, evaluate, and repent of how we have created such a culture.  We need to confront this in love.  Many businesses handle this with more grace and consideration of others than the church.  Let’s change this culture!

13 Thoughts On Your 13th Birthday – From a dad known for his creativity and honesty.

10 Things That Will Kill Your Church’s Orphan Care Ministry – Good information by a guy that knows.

But Do You Want To Get Better – Preach it Seth, preach it!


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