Replacing A Steeple

I love the illustration that a speaker gave his class of future ministers.  He asked what if a storm came through and the steeple on your church was destroyed.  One student said, “We would replace it”.  The teacher said, ‘but it will be too expensive’.  Another student said, “I guarantee our church will find the money’.  The teacher said, ‘but it will take a long time and be very difficult to replace’.  The student said, ‘we will make it happen’.  The teacher then said, ‘if a steeple is so important that our churches would raise the money, work, and make sure that it happens at any cost – why don’t we do those things to reach people for Jesus which would be much more important’?

A wise man once said, “We do what is important to us, and the rest is just talk’.

If we really want to reach kids, students, young adults, etc. for Jesus – we will find a way

It may mean changing the worship service.  It may mean casting a passionate vision.  It may mean raising a lot of money.

However, if reaching people for Jesus and seeing disciples made is what we are about, then let’s do what it takes!

Isn’t disciple making more important than steeples?


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