Next Level Experiential Learning

You’ve heard that people learn best with visuals, but that isn’t true.

We learn best by experience.

You show me how to do it.  You do it with me.  You allow me to do it by myself.

I learn through this experience.

The University of Tennessee knows this and has an incredible experience for future CSIs – The Body Farm.  You can read about it – here.

As pastors and teachers how can we get students/disciples to learn through experience.  One of the best ways are mission trips and community outreaches.  We experience showing love in a practical way and we walk away with a deeper understanding of love our neighbors.  Go feed the homeless with families.  Then have a discussion about the experience.

Take your small group to the mall to share their faith.  You might not make any converts, but those attending with learn from this experience about sharing their faith.  Things they will not learn in a classroom.

Most bible teachers I know put alot of time into visuals and story telling, but let’s make experiential learning a priority in our programming.


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