Strong Kindness

I was at the gym this past weekend doing my least favorite exercise – the decline bench press.  Don’t get me wrong – every guy loves a bench press.  You can lie down and work out which is an awesome combination.  It’s the going backwards while lifting heavy weights I don’t like.

I was using the normal decline bench with the Smith Machine when a guy just walks up to me and says ‘let me show you something to make that work more’.  He said you’ve got to prop up the decline bench to make it decline more.  I wanted to say no, but I agreed.  At first he put the bench propped up on a bunch of steps you use for cardio and it was probably the most unsafe thing I’ve ever seen in a gym.  When he realizes it wasn’t going to work, he went and got a box jump.  He propped the end of the decline bench up on the 3ft box jump to where I’m almost hanging  upside down for my decline bench.

I try to hook my feet in and tell him I don’t think this is going to work.  I’m actually thinking this is going to kill me.  He was so encouraging and helped me get hooked in to the bench.  He spotted me with the weight and really went the extra mile.

I appreciated that he stopped his workout, set-up a machine, showed, helped, and encouraged me in my workout.  What a great example of showing love and kindness to your neighbor!  That example will speak more than a week of lessons.


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