My Time with Jeff Henderson


I am so thankful to have a pastor who sets aside time to pour into my life.  Jeff Henderson is a unique pastor.  He came from a very successful business background at Chickfila, Lake Lanier, and other places.  His marketing mistake is what led to Chickfila cows being dropped from the Georgia Dome during the Chickfila Bowl!  How awesome is that?  Jeff is a wonderful pastor, speaker, and leader.

I met with Jeff this past Thursday.  I just wanted to get to know him and pick his brain on ministry.  Here are a few things we talked about:

Ask a church do they want a short term student ministry that grows quickly or a long-term student ministry that is more sustainable.  The ‘kid-magnet’ student pastor will grow the ministry quickly, but also will leave for the bigger opportunity.  A more administrator, volunteer focused student pastor will stay and build a healthy, sustainable student ministry.

An unhealthy staff will always create an unhealthy church.  It may take some time, but it will happen.

A question to ask your staff and key volunteers – “What is it like to be on the other side of me?” This invites others to speak truth in your life.  Helps to identify blind spots in your life.

In regard to criticism:  Listen to someone, but not everyone.

How does the church motivate people to give.  The default for people to give should be online.

If vision outpaces resources that is a good thing, but can become unsustainable.

I will unpack some of these thoughts in the upcoming weeks.  Jeff and I talked alot about personal things, but I felt like these points were too good not to share.  I loved my time with him.


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