Our Time At The Family Feud


A few weeks ago, I noticed that the Family Feud was filming in Atlanta.  They were having a tough time filling seats, so they paid people to come to the audience.  I missed out on that one, but the next time I was able to get free guaranteed tickets.  No extra money, but hey a free night out with Jen seemed like a fun idea.

We waited for 2 hours to watch the Family Feud.  It was totally worth it!!  The staff were nice and so high energy.  We watched the last show of the day which took about an 1.5 hours to film.  I laughed so hard during the filming.  Steve Harvey was amazing off camera.  It was a neat experience and just fun.

The event was a great reminder that we undervalue fun and laughing at church events.  God uses laughter and fun in many ways.  It makes learning easier.  Those fun moments make life easier to deal with.  There is a ministry to joy, fun, and laughing for sure.  As you plan the next season of ministry plan fun moments where folks are just having a good time with each other.  Plan times to laugh.  God will use this!


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