Real Friends

I have 1803 Facebook friends.

I have 777 followers on Twitter.

I have 364 followers on Instagram.

I know thousands of people.

However, I’ve only got a few REAL great friends.  I only have a few people that come running when I’m in trouble.  Only a few that help with things are bad.  Only a few that are willing to go the extra mile when I can’t really offer them anything.

I am SO thankful that the Lord has blessed me with those few friends.  God uses those people to be Jesus to me when the world gets tough.  They are a blessing.  As I’ve prayed over the past few days, the Lord keeps reminding me of those people that have cared, fought, prayed, worried, and helped me along the way.

No matter how many social media followers and friends we have – we can’t have enough people who love Jesus and us.  I pray you have those folks in your life too.


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