Social Media Warrior

Social media is a wonderful place to talk about a new Chinese restaurant in town.  It is a good platform to sell things.  Facebook is great to connect with people you haven’t seen in a little while.  Instagram is the best to showcase your kids and family.

It isn’t a good place to speak up about social issues.  You don’t know the tone statements are said in, the heart of the individual speaking, or even their story.  Disagreements over social media aren’t fun to watch.  They are like a car wreck.  You are sad that it happens, but everyone keeps watching anyway.

You want to speak up and take a stand.  Do so with voting for a different person.  Have these sensitive discussions over dinner with someone where you can talk and hear their heart.  Talk about it with your small group on Tuesday night.  Pray about the people that disagree with you.  Run for political office.

There are a lot of better options to take stands against social issues than social media.  You will be more successful going a different route.


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