Community Kids Events

Summer is an awesome time to do kid’s events for the community.  My heart is always to reach the lost and engage our local community.  The majority of people in your community doesn’t know your church exists if you are like the average church.  Kids/family events are a great way to change that.

1.  Character day/night – As a dad looking for things in the community, I know that libraries and book stores like to do special events during the summer to reinforce the need for reading with kids.  In our community, the library is doing a super hero themed summer.  What an opportunity to sponsor an event in the community!  Ask them if they would be okay with you bringing in Captain America, Spiderman, Superman, etc. to read to the kids.  Make a big deal about it in your kid’s program and have your staff at the event.  You won’t be able to present the gospel, but you can make relationships that will lead to Jesus.

2.  Art Camp – My preschooler loves arts and crafts.  There isn’t much to do in the community for preschool.  What if you did a short art camp for kids.  Maybe 3 or 4 days for 2 hours a day.  Could be fun!

3.  Sports day/camp – I’ve led many sports camps for kids.  Soccer, football, cheerleading, baseball, lacrosse, – so many to choose from.  Doesn’t need to be professional, but done as well and as fun as you can.  It can be like a VBS with bible studies and crafts too.

4.  Water day – You can rent out a pool.  I prefer to bring in several water inflatables, slip n slide, and smaller things like a water balloon fight.  You can have a fun community event without breaking the bank.



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