Peace Maker

Gay Marriage

Confederate Flag



It has been a summer full of explosive issues for all of us.  Everyone seems to have a strong opinion on these issues.  Many have chosen to fight this fight on Facebook and Twitter.  Honestly, I’m a little afraid to post anything on Facebook anymore!  It’s about as lawless and unforgiving as the Old West.

How do Christians respond in these tough times?

Be a peace maker.

Wait?  Shouldn’t we take stands for the word of God?  Of course, we should.  We stand upon God’s faithful word despite whatever is happening in our culture.  However, do we need to be antagonistic on these issues?  Should we be careful that what we say is explaining the truth of God in a loving way.

Keep in mind Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”  You don’t hear many sermons on that these days.  Although Colossians says that we are called to peace.

What does this mean practically?  Probably lots of things.  Here are a few:

– Before we hit send/post we think about is this necessary and helpful

– We do our best to met with people face to face instead of behind a computer screen

– We try to understand that a non-Christian won’t understand a Christian worldview.

– We pray for those we disagree with.

– We love and care for our enemies.

I’m concerned for the next generation.  I’m concerned for America.   However, I’m more concerned that someday I will stand before Jesus and know that I didn’t show kindness, love, peace, and care to people.


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