Highly Questionable

“People who can’t be questioned do questionable things.” – Jon Acuff

I like to ask a lot of questions.  It is how I learn and grow in my faith and work.  Honestly, I don’t understand people who don’t ask a lot of questions.  Why wouldn’t you want to know more about __________?  I’m not doing this to demean the person, but just to understand the culture, thought process, values, etc.

I once had a pastor tell me they didn’t like being asked questions.  That was a scary statement to me.  Is there a good reason to tell  another staff member not to ask questions?  It is at least a little shady.

As I read that quote from Jon Acuff I think back to how true it was in that pastor’s life.  He did a lot of things that people questioned because it was questionable.

As a young leader, I embrace questions.  If people have questions about my integrity, please ask.  I’d rather explain myself and remove the doubt.  If people wonder why or how something happened, ask me.  Want to know why I spent that amount on that event?  Just ask.  It is okay.  Let’s work issues like this out so we can move forward for Jesus.


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