Broken Bobbles


I have been involved in collecting sports memorabilia since I was in middle school.  This past year I’ve bought, sold, and traded a lot of bobbleheads.  You may not realize this, but bobbleheads can be fairly valuable.  Unfortunately, sometimes they arrive in the mail broken because of poor packaging by the seller.

A few weeks ago Jennifer came into our bedroom to get me because a bobblehead arrived broken.  This wasn’t just any bobble, but a vintage Oakland A’s bobblehead.  In fact, it was the first stadium giveaway (SGA) that they did.  It is highly collectable and would be about $100 in good condition with box.  I contacted the seller and they issued a refund immediately.  The real question is what do we do with a broken bobblehead?

I went to my bobblehead collectors (yes I have those) and got quick responses.  The first was an older man that was angry a vintage piece had been broken by poor packaging.  The next two might surprise you.  They were guys wanting to buy the broken bobblehead.  As you can see from the picture, it was REALLY broken.  Most people would have thrown it away, but these guys were offering to give me money for it.  I sold it for a few dollars to a guy that had the love, knowledge, and time to restore the bobble.

Everything and everyone has value.

Broken things can be restored by the right person.  Once restored they can be more valuable than in their original state.

Jesus is the ultimate restorer of broken people.  We come to Him broken.  We come to Him with many failures.  Many times we come to Him when others have rejected us.

The best news I could tell you is that Jesus sees your values when other do not and He has the ability to restore you.  He can restore you dreams.  He can build back your life.  Think about Job and the great losses that he had.  God restored him.  Think about Peter and his unfaithfulness at a crucial time in Jesus’ life.  God restored him.

It isn’t over night.  Restoration takes time and work – ask any mechanic.  However, the road to restoration begins when we come to Jesus broken and ready to follow Him.


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