Winners Trying to Lose

I am a huge sports fan.  My family and I have been to about 8 baseball games this season.  6 of those were to watch the hometown team, the Atlanta Braves.  Since 1991, the Braves have been pretty good.  They went on a stretch of winning the division for 14 years!  That is simply amazing.

Last year the Braves made the playoffs…again.  They lost in the wildcard game…again.

This loss caused the team to look in the mirror and realize their current players weren’t going to win a championship together.  The team might win the division and maybe even a playoff series, but that isn’t good enough.  Because of this evaluation the Braves decided to do a major rebuilding which including trading away most of their best players.

I predicted at the beginning of the season the Braves would lose over 100 games.  So far they are making me look like a prophet.  It has been horrible to watch, but there is the promise that the young talent now in the minor leagues will someday make this team a championship contender.

The reality is it’s almost never that easy.  Look at the Kansas City Royals.  It took them over 2 decades to get back to the playoffs.  They are an exciting team now, but it look a long time to get the wins.  Look at the 76ers – basically have tanked 3 seasons in a row and still aren’t any better.

It is extremely difficult to get an organization back on track to winning again.  Positive momentum takes a lot of work, money, and tough decisions.

My advice to church leaders:  Be led by the spirit and not by the world.  Pray heavily about making major changes.  Ask God to do a work in people’s hearts.  Don’t make decisions just because that is what you would do in the ‘real’ world.  Make decisions because that is what Jesus is leading you to do.

Want to fulfill your potential?  Follow Jesus everyday.  Whatever potential I have, He can have to do with it what He wants.


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