Fall Family Events – The 5k

We are entering a season of life that tends to not be the healthiest.  Consuming large amounts of pumpkin spice lattes, candy, pecan pie, and more is a little different than the summer season.  Hey it’s hoodie weather season and you can hide the extra lbs!

You probably want an event that is healthyish during this season.

You probably want an another excuse for your kid to wear that expensive costume one more time.

Look at the running calendar in your community.  In most areas, October is a huge time for 5k races that are a little more family friendly.  These races have learned that people enjoy wearing costumes and what better time to do that than the month of Halloween.

Some of the larger races will have a preschool race.  This is usually 50 feet/yards or so and is blocked off so they don’t get hurt.  Almost all will have a one mile walk/run that is easy for families.  These are discounted from the big race fee and still come with the sweet swag that the main race has.

If you are worried your kids might get sick or life will happen and you don’t want to lose your entrance fee, find a race that allows ‘day of’ sign-ups.  This will cost you a few dollars more, but will also save you the worry of losing the money.

I love 5ks.  The atmosphere is family friendly and very encouraging.  I believe it is a wonderful thing to do with your kids and is showing them the value of being healthy.  So sign your family up for a fun 5k and then go have that extra whipped pumpkin spice latte!


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